Sunday, 18 September 2016

Getting the AB underway!

A joy to paint, they remind me of my old 20mm plastic days... But much better.

Some old battle honours figs, re paint and shading added

These figures were some of my first serious attempts, originally I had rushed them.
Although nowadays I would rather use only AB figures.
I do have a lot of battle honours, and I like the old glory range (as the poses are good and the vast choice of subjects).

Scratch built chateau

Inspired by a photo in miniature war games magazine from the early eighties, a picture from the war games holiday centre.
I'm in the process of adding the fine detail.
Next time, I'll use pre made parts and simplify the overall process.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Sign me up!

The rabble so far

A mixture of battle honours and old glory. In desperate need of a makeover. I started these almost 14 years ago, and have come back to wargaming after starting a family and life getting in the way.
Much re-basing and highlighting to do.
This blog will document the process, plus any other battalions and units I feel are worthy of adding to my collection.
Maybe even some non-napoleonics...