Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Great coats from Green stuff!!

I am mad. I have always wanted to do a battalion of fusilier in greatcoats, ever since seeing the illustration in the osprey Eckmuhl book. Alas, the only figures available so far have been those Essex or Minifigs offerings... Not really much good next to AB figs if you ask me.
I did consider converting some Russians or French AB figs in greatcoats, but the equipment wouldn't have been right, and its a real pain head swapping in metal.
So here are my 'converted' Battle Honours fusiliers, with added green stuff greatcoats!
I hope to get painting soon... 10 down, 38 to go (ish).

Saturday, 21 January 2017

The grenadiers are coming

The grenadiers are coming

AB grenadiers, ready to get painting underway... Can't wait to get them sorted. Just need a few more to get 2 battalions of 36 each. I'm thinking that should be enough to bolster the other troops!